BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant

BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant supports conception by making sex feel smooth and satisfying. Its formula is paraben-free, water-based, and uses hydroxyethylcellulose plus calcium and magnesium ions to help your journey to pregnancy. BioGenesis is FDA, obstetric, and gynecologist approved.

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By combining Mira with the BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant, you won’t miss your fertile window and have a more enjoyable time during intimacy.

We’ve partnered with BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant to bring you timely, pleasurable, and smooth baby-making sex! If you feel your TTC journey is impacting your sex drive, fertility lube can work wonders for you and your partner. BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant simulates natural cervical, helps relieve vaginal dryness, and increases pleasure and comfort during sex — and it’s made with ingredients that don’t harm sperm or sperm movement!


Why the BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant is different

Supports Sperm Health - Does Not Impede Sperm Movement

Closely Mimics Natural Feminine Moisture

Research-Based, Patent-Pending Formula

FDA Cleared Through Rigorous Testing

Safe for Use With Silicone Toys & Condoms

12 Applications & Two Easy-to-Clean Reusable Applicators Per Carton

pH Rating: 3.8 - 4.2 Osmolality Rating: 300 - 400 mOsmol/kg

What’s inside

  • Magnesium & Calcium Ions Added to Support Conception
  • Purified Water
  • No Parabens, Petrochemicals, or Glycerin

How a Fertility Lubricant Helps you get Pregnant

Nearly one-third of couples TTC prefer the ease and comfort of a lubricant during intimacy

BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant was created by leading scientists looking to help couples achieve this! BioGenesis is a sensual, long-lasting, and hypoallergenic option. Plus, it’s the first intimacy gel that's paraben-free and includes magnesium and calcium ions to support your fertility journey.


BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant by Good Clean Love®

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