Virtual OB/GYN Consultation

Meet with a doc

Need guidance from a pro? This 30-minute online session offers personalized fertility guidance from a certified OB/GYN. Meet with a licensed doctor from your state from the comfort of home.

  • Assessment of your Mira charts
  • Prescription medication and diagnostic tests
  • Affordable care—whether or not you’re insured
  • Reliable answers about your fertility plan & reproductive health

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Disclaimer: Mira is not a healthcare provider and partners with a telemedicine service provider to support its users with access to online medical consultations.

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30-Min Initial consultation
  • 15-Min Follow-up session
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Make sense of what’s happening in your body—you deserve it

There’s a lot of ground to cover regarding fertility—and the next steps aren’t always clear to us. You deserve to get thoughtful answers from a professional whose only interest is to guide you to the finish line in a healthy way.


How booking a consultation can help you

Review your Mira charts

Our doctors love Mira and understand how it works. Our OB/GYNs can review your charts and offer professional guidance.

Create a pregnancy plan

Get actionable steps from a doctor. Conceive faster and in a healthy state of mind.

Get a second opinion

Getting a different perspective on your fertility is a great practice that leads to confident decisions.

Access prescriptions

Get the necessary medication prescribed in just 30 minutes and from the comfort of your home. Forget waiting months for an appointment or driving to the hospital.

See an experienced doctor

You’re a click away from a doctor who understands the full fertility picture—including special conditions such as PCOS, hormone imbalances, and more. 

Booking a consultation is easy

It’s really simple.

Step 1:
Purchase a consultation here

Step 2:
Get a personal link via email to schedule your consultation

Step 3:
Meet with your doctor of choice

Meet our team of doctors

Our licensed OB/GYNs are ready to help you with expert knowledge about fertility and fertility technologies.

Patricia Convery


Tammy Kelly


Kara McElligott Park


Howard David


Suchada Chaiwechakarn


Michelle Keeley


Sharma Radhika


Doctor vs. Fertility Coach—which is more suitable for you?

Depending on your needs, see which of our telehealth services is the best fit.

Fertility Coach
Mira chart review
Holistic approach and assessment of natural biomarkers
Lifestyle changes, supplements, and stress management
Previous medical records analysis
Medical treatment
Initial consultation
30 min/$159
45 min/$79 Book Now
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Fertility healthcare for everyone

Our comprehensive care offers guidance for all family types and individuals. 

  • Inclusivity. Our specialists are here to help you feel comfortable and seen. It’s a known fact that navigating fertility as a minority has its challenges.
  • Aging and fertility. Your body goes through changes that impact your physical and mental health. Our specialists guide you through perimenopause and menopause.

Affordable fertility healthcare at your fingertips

Accessibility matters—and with telehealth, patients can conveniently meet with a fertility expert from home.

Mira Online Consultation
Traditional Fertility Clinic
Consultation price
$159   if you purchase it on Mira website. Can be covered by insurance.
$200–$750 average consultation price + expensive fertility treatments.
Excessive time & money investment
Schedule at a time that works for you—wherever you are.
Complex scheduling and expensive.
Mira knowledge
Trained medical experts.
Some doctors aren’t familiar with Mira.
Early TTC consultations
Support during any stage of your fertility journey.
Conceive unsuccessfully for 1 year to get guidance.


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