The Mosie Kit

Mosie is a patented insemination syringe designed by women specifically for at-home intravaginal insemination (IVI). The Mosie Kit is clinically proven safe to use and as effective as IUI and intercourse!

  • Safe to use: sperm friendly, clinically proven, and latex free
  • HSA/FSA Eligible, FDA registered
  • Made in the USA
  • Comfortable, functional, and easy to use
  • Discreetly Delivered to your Door
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    Meet Mosie

    Ergonomically designed for comfort with insight from a fertility specialist, Mosie is the only syringe designed specifically for home insemination that's clinically proven as effective as both IUI and intercourse.


    Mosie Compared to Other Methods

      Low Cost Success Rate Accessible Minimally Invasive Sperm Sample
    Mosie Kit
    $49.50 per attempt (2 attempts per $99 kit)
    28.3% overall, 17.4% per cycle
    Over the counter; home use
    Low. Minimally invasive; in vagina for seconds.
    Frozen & Fresh
    $700-$1200 per attempt
    Varies; 10%-20% per cycle
    Doctor’s Office
    High. Catheter inserted into the uterus.
    Frozen & Fresh
    $15,000-$60,000 per attempt w/ labs, tests, medications
    Varies;13%-43% per cycle*
    Doctor’s Office
    High. Multiple procedures involved.
    Frozen & Fresh

    * Source: American Pregnancy Association

    Slit Opening

    Unlike other syringes with round openings, Mosie takes its cues from Mother Nature, with a longer, angular-opening that creates a better flow for your precious cargo.

    Barrel Free

    Instead of a standard barrel that traps a significant amount of sperm, Mosie features a rounded nub that ensures maximum release and minimizes waste.

    Size Matters

    After researching the placement of the cervical opening in relation to the length of the vagina with insight from a fertility specialist, Mosie was designed to be both comfortable and optimal for delivering sperm to the cervical opening.

    Total Comfort

    With absolutely no harsh lines, Mosie is as familiar to use as a tampon. We’ve rounded off every edge to make it both comfortable and ideal for insemination. Mosie’s rounded stopper ensures smooth transfer collection and maximum transfer.

    What’s inside

    Mosie insemination

    Part of getting pregnant is a numbers game; that's why each Mosie kit contains two Mosie insemination syringes. We recommend trying at least twice during each ovulation cycle.


    Ideal size for collecting precious cargo and absorbing into Mosie. Be sure to wash with mild soap and air dry in between tries.


    Every package contains a simple step by step guide, along with helpful tips to maximize your chances.


    How Mosie Can Help

    Mosie, the first and only syringe designed specifically for at-home intravaginal insemination (IVI), is an accessible option worth considering before, or alongside, more costly invasive clinical options. The Mosie Kit includes 2 Mosie syringes, a collection cup, and helpful instructions.


    At $49.50 per attempt Mosie is a fraction of the price of clinical procedures like IUI and IVF. Mosie is available without a prescription.


    Mosie keeps the conception process at home allowing folks from all walks of life to “try” on their own terms.

    Designed for insemination

    Mosie’s patented design features no harsh edges, no barrel at the tip (which can trap sperm), optimal length, and an elongated “slit” opening that mimics Mother Nature.

    Easy &

    With a design as familiar to use as a tampon, 98% of users said the Mosie Kit was comfortable and easy to use.

    Trusted &
    sperm friendly

    Mosie has been lab tested and proven safe for sperm! It works with both fresh and frozen sperm and has helped over 60,000 families on their path to parenthood.

    Who Can Use Mosie?

    Mosie has helped people from all walks of life including: folks with Unexplained Infertility, LGBTQ+ families, single parents by choice, those with vaginismus (painful intercourse), endometriosis and tilted uterus, as well as male factor issues like low motility, low sperm count, performance anxiety, and frustrated couples who need a break from the stress of timed intercourse and want to know they’ve done everything they can before investing in more costly clinical options.

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    The Mosie Kit

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